our Partners

Alarm IT Factory GmbH is part of an entrepreneurial network. Our partners are valued allies who support us with their unique specialties and complement our expertise. Long-term relationships are a top priority. We want our partners to be able count on us, and vice versa.

Siemens AG

We have been partnering with Siemens – a global full-service provider of process automation, building technology, and industrial software – for over twenty years. Prior to the foundation of Alarm IT Factory GmbH, the Alarm Control Center was part of the Siemens business unit Industry Solutions. Since then, the alarm management software has been a joint project of Siemens AG and Alarm IT Factory GmbH. The latter is responsible for all further development.


We work especially closely with the following business units:


TAE – Technische Akademie


This center for adult education is a place where we like to teach – and learn. We’re proud to have given classes here for many years, mainly Android app development and C# programming. For more information on our training classes and dates, please see our News or visit TAE.



Echo & Flut GmbH


We have found an engaged team in this agency that takes over all communication and design work for us. They have developed and designed our new corporate design and the website and are responsible for the creative revision of the ACC5 interface.



dp Software Consulting


dp Software Consulting’s specialty is developing software for computer-based telephony using Diva cards by Dialogic. We work with these experts on a project-specific basis, realizing individual, complex telephony solutions. If standard solutions don’t meet your demands, we’ll work together with dp Software Consulting to find a better way.


Agent ERP GmbH


Agent ERP GmbH, a software service provider, adapts and integrates open-source business software to suit individual companies’ demands. We looked for an ERP system suited to our requirements – and found OpenERP. We use it to model our support and order processing steps.

As part of our corporate network, Agent ERP GmbH adapted the free software to meet our specific needs.